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Not too much of a journaler, I mostly just like to lurk a little and read a lot of HP fanfic. For comms who need this stated, I'm waaaaaay (decades) past the age of consent. I've written a very few stories, under this same name at The Petulant Poetess.

And I'm a proud member of HUFFLEPUFF HOUSE.

The cloak below has badges won during the 2009 House Cup on OWL! Go Badgers! Go Puffs!

The Ravenclaw House generously offered up some lovely banners. I'm especially proud of the one for my drabble series, Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

And I'm a proud maintainer and participant in exchange_bingo, and have earned several reviewer banners for the 2011 sshg_exchange...

Mini Round 5 christev Mini Round 6 christev

...and a few more in the 2012 sshg_exchange

miniround 1 banner christev miniround 2 banner christev   christev miniround 3 christev miniround 4   christev QoR miniround 6   christev QoR-2 miniround 6

I also beta for apollinav, who recently completed her latest fic and gave me this wonderful banner!

christev thanks